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Declutter Your Home & Mind


time to declutter

Living in a cluttered space creates chaotic and disorderly living, increases stress, reduces your productivity, encourages procrastination, and negatively impacts your overall physical and mental wellbeing. Sound familiar?



Decluttering is a process which focuses on being more conscious about our living environment. 

The first step is to mindfully eliminate things that are no longer serving you.  Taking a ‘less is more’ approach we place importance on the purpose of possessions and only keep those items which benefit you.

The second step is to incorporate ways to organise your household & introduce items that improve your day to day living. 

how it works

step 1: consult

Initial 15min free (virtual) consult to discuss your individual situation and the options best suited to you.  Depending on your needs, a second in person consult may be scheduled.

step 2: booking

Once you decide on a package, you will secure your 2-3 day booking with payment in advance and schedule in a day that best suits you to have your in person transformation experience. 

step 3: transformation

Day 1 (in person) is focused on sorting through household categories and working through any emotional blockages that are causing you to accumulate items / preventing you to let go.  We create 4 groups of items (disposed of, give to charity, sell and a keep pile).  A design style for storage is chosen and purchased (if not already owned).

DAY 2-3 (in person) is where the real magic happens.  Your consultant will return to sort and style your chosen spaces.

the benefits

Ways That Clutter Impacts Your Life


Clutter can cause feelings of overwhelm and anxiety which depletes us of energy & can impair our immune system and impact sleep. Buildup of dust, dirt, pet hair, and mold can also contain pathogens and toxins causing allergies, respiratory conditions, inflammation, oxidative stress, and, eventually, chronic illness.


A messy disorganised home often reflects chaos in your subconscious mind. Clutter is distracting, limits your ability to process information and increases frustration putting you in a negative state. This reduces focus and requires more of your energy to do everyday tasks.


When there islots of clutter, you lose control over your physical environment and it evokes a sense of feeling disengaged. Your home stopts being a sanctuary and feels like a prison. With clutter comes confusion & it takes you longer to do things which eats into the time you have to do what makes you most happy.




Get 15% off Tupperware when you purchase a declutter package

Tupperware® is hands down my favourite product to use when doing home organisation and decluttering.  Their containers not only look stylish but they are specifically design with form and functionality in mind.  Created to maximise space their airtight seals and airflow designed fridge ranges ensure your food stays fresher for longer. 

For more than 60 years in Australia, Tupperware has been committed to making a positive impact and proudly support the ‘Share the Dignity‘ charity.  Now more than ever they are focused on helping people reduce their individual impact on the environment with the introduction of eco friendly collections.  Their products are reusable, durable, easy-to-use and minimise plastic and food waste. 

They have also introduced microwavable food cooking products (pressure cooker, griller etc.) meaning you can save space in your kitchen and save time in the kitchen.

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Kmart’s vision is to provide families with everyday products at the lowest prices and have developed “Better Together” – a sustainable development program that reflects the needs of our community. Get that zen feeling with Kmart’s  versatile storage solutions to suit any space. From tubs and baskets to statement bookcases and ladders, mix and match to de-clutter in style.

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daiso pink

Daiso Japan® is an incredibly affordable store (most items are under $5) that has loads of cheap and practical storage containers, dividers and stands that allow you to keep drawers neat and tidy.  Daiso is a place where customers can obtain a new kind of value that cannot be compared to existing dollar stores.  Their mission is providing quality, variety and uniqueness.